Kontor inredning göteborg
We start where the architecture ends

We do interior design projects where we take care of the holistic design process. The process always begins with purpose and goal. For us, interior design is about you feeling good in the room. Quality in the design makes you feel comfortable and make full use of the environment we create in the rooms.

By pushing boundaries, we show that we challenge, we dare, we think of a larger picture and we can talk about the opportunities that arise through our process and our way of designing.

Kontor inredare göteborg

We make concepts, we buy furniture and interior design, we complete the interior design.


We create a harmonious ensemble beyond what you could imagine.


We do project management for office project and use our network of furniture suppliers, craftsmen and architects.

Kontor inredare göteborg
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Our process is based on each unique project.


Experience and an eye for detail in a bigger picture creates high quality, in the process and the end result.