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Pushing boundaries to create dream homes

For us, interior design is about pushing boundaries to create an environment. An environment adapted to specific needs.

We help you who are looking for unique and well-thought-out interior design.

We make sure to guide you to buying the right things. We buy furniture for you from our partners.

We ensure deliveries. We help you with the big picture in a jungle ruled by shops and brands.

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Hire an interior designer for your dream project and create your own dream.

We push boundaries to create beyond what you can imagine.

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Individual interior design plan

Suitable for you who are happy with how the whole is connected but want help with the last touch. It did not turn out quite as you thought but need some eyes with new perspectives to get it so perfect.

What´s your need?

Personal designer

You get a personal interior designer who will help you make suggestions and buy all the interior design for your home. You get a whole home that you enjoy and that follows the color scale and meets the functional requirements that you feel best in.


Project manager for your new dream home

You love interior design and set high standards for your home. You get an interior designer who project manages your entire interior with everything from the choice of kitchen, floor and materials. Interior and lighting are well chosen and all details fulfill their function with the right aesthetics.